In a data-driven world, the average healthcare professional is progressively more aware of how their data is utilized, and, subsequently, more vocal in their desires regarding what information they are presented with and why.

It’s about the right time, the right content and the right person!

Pharma companies are historically committed to data and personal privacy. With the recent introduction of the GDPR standard it is even more important to ensure that users know, understand, and consent to the data collected about them. Under GDPR, pages of fine print won’t get the job done. Neither will it force users to click ‘yes’ in order to sign up.

Doctrina has been an ISO certified company since 2016, which means information for users about certified safety in terms of data protection and confidentiality were faithfully communicated long before GDPR came into existence.

Our company has always believed in delivering relevant content to the right people at the right time. This philosophy has brought about great success and can be confirmed by research we did among different marketing channels used in today’s online marketing. Doctrina is an online e-learning platform for HCP’s and uses the percentage of successful views as a Key Performance Indicator. When an HCP views a course video (on average 7 minutes long), they have to prove their attained knowledge by correctly completing a test about the content, and then finally provide feedback. Only then do we count this as one successfully-completed course.

To cut a long story short, the average conversion rate on digital is 11%. Ours is 55%.

We believe the future of marketing in Pharma is a combination of relevant content, data privacy and the use of technology. Doctrina is an online e-learning platform, where HCPs have to prove attained knowledge by correctly completing a test about the content as well as providing feedback on content.

Mass distribution is a weapon of mass destruction

Digital marketing is opening doors to engaging empowered HCPs (as well as empowered patients) — with relevant and interesting content that applies to their needs and which they are most likely to respond to.

Mass distribution of a product’s message based on generalized demographic data doesn’t work. And this presents a prime opportunity for data privacy, targeted and relevant content, and last but not least — technology.

A good example of effective communication are drip mailing campaigns — a set of emails that are sent out automatically on a schedule and based on user behavior. Doctrina has been using this approach for a while and it has proven to be very efficient.

A digital approach empowers direct communication with HCPs

Applying data analytics and folding in demographic information keeps data anonymous and allows communication with much smaller divisions. Not only does this change the efficiency of a campaign, but it also results in a more engaged audience.

We are at a point where we can deliver targeted messages to those who benefit, while leaving those who do not alone. The future of marketing in the pharma industry is a combination of relevant content, data privacy and using the technology available to deliver the results everyone wants.