Doctrina, a start-up company focused on transforming the traditional access to knowledge for healthcare professionals, reports that it is now working with over 1 million physicians, nurses, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians from all over the world. This number puts the company’s vision of being the number 1 source of professional content for HCPs into a new perspective, and brings new opportunities for the company to scale its signature solution even faster.


Doctrina was  founded in 2013, and has since spread throughout Europe: the company  is most active in Slovenia, Romania, Poland, Russia, Croatia, Turkey and in the United Kingdom.


“Our solution has been actively developing since our beginnings in 2013. In pharma and medicine, new discoveries and better products are always being made. We believe it is therefore essential to continually develop and improve Doctrina as well. At first our platform enabled pharmaceutical companies and pharmacists to increase the flow of effective knowledge transfer. The next step was to empower our signature technology with a multichannel marketing approach and introduce the solution to physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals.” commented Jure Pučko, CEO and founder of Doctrina. “With an increased user base it is now time to open a new chapter. Our vision of making Doctrina an indispensable source of product news and other medical professional information has not changed.”


Aligned with this larger reach, Doctrina has also came to a point where the company is ready to offer even more comprehensive and editorially complete modules, entitled ‘The Doctrina Academy’. Modules will be composed of multiple courses belonging to different categories: diabetes, mental health, cardiology, mother & child and respiratory conditions. Some content features will also be produced in collaboration with pharma companies so the latest research information will be available. Modules will contain both free and paid-for courses. They will address diagnostics, disease mechanisms and treatments, and HCPs worldwide will be able to access this knowledge.


Doctrina’s mission is to bring the latest and most in-demand professional content closer to physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians. The content is accessible in a micro-learning video format that allows it to be easily absorbed  anytime and anywhere.